At this time, we are unable to accept new dogs over 5 months into our daycare program. We are at maximum capacity. If you'd like to be put on our waiting list, please contact us. 

Daycare Pick-up and Drop-off Times
Our weekday daycare drop-off window is 7:30 to 10:00am. Our weekday pick-up window is 2 to 5:30pm. Our weekend (Saturday and Sunday) drop-off window is 8 to 10:00am. Our weekend pick-up window is 2 to 5:00pm. We do offer very specific extra-early/extra-late, drop-off/pick-up windows however, these must be prearranged, and space is limited. Please ask us about them if you are interested.

Please do not ask us to modify our hours. It is very important to maintain our daily schedules. Any customers insisting on picking up or dropping off outside of our regular hours will be charged an immediate fee of $100. Dogs not picked up by close will be considered overnight guests and can be picked up the following day.

Daycare Prices

Any daycare stay under 6 hours is $18 per dog. Any daycare stay 6 hours or over is $28 per dog. You will be charged for a full day for any amount of time over 6 hours. 

Daycare Discount - Individual dogs consistently booked in for 3 or more full days of daycare per week will get a 10% discount for those visits.

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For more information, please download our Customer Handbook!


Our daycare services include lots of playtime with other dogs and the dog attendant on staff. Dogs can move freely indoors and out, take breaks whenever they choose, even have a nice snooze. There are playground obstacles to play in, on and around, access to pools or a pond on hot days, tennis balls to chase, and lots of reassuring pats and snuggles from the staff.


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