Are you a TOP DOG when it comes to being a motivated, upbeat, reliable employee? We are always on the lookout for the best and brightest (and funnest) people to keep us running at our usual greyhound pace! Maybe you can join our people-pack!

At this time we are seeking people with experience working with packs of large dogs. Thank you!


Requirements for ALL positions: early mornings - weekend and holiday hours - ability to follow a consistent biweekly schedule - ability to lift at least 50 pounds - have a happy, pleasant nature - be emotionally stable - be reliable to a fault

Attendants for our Big Dog Yards

Rock star dog attendants are hard to come by, but we want ‘em! Dog attendants at The Coastal Dog must adore dogs, including all of their quirks and ‘little ways’. Here’s what else the job requires:

willingness to be outdoors in all weather, for several hours at a time

must be an excellent cleaner and poop scooper

must be aware and attentive – notice details about each dog

must be quick on your feet and able to juggle several tasks at once

must be able and willing to do overnight care (sleep with the doggies) 1 to 2 times a week

PLEASE - no calls or drop-ins.

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